Intelligent Power Distribution Room System Solution

The intelligent power distribution room system is a system integrating electrical engineering design, construction, power transformation and distribution, safely use electricity, power monitoring, intelligent operation and maintenance, and environmental monitoring of the power distribution room.

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Scheme Overview

Intelligent Power Distribution Room System

With the development of social economy, the energy field is facing an increasingly severe test. On the one hand, the demand and dependence of social and economic activities on energy are increasing year by year; On the other hand, the severe global climate and environmental situation and the strict carbon emission control indicators proposed by countries around the world force the energy sector to make substantive changes and upgrades.

ROLINKPOWER ™ ‘s overall solution of intelligent power distribution station building of intelligent power system is committed to continuously applying advanced Internet of Things, digital perception, cloud computing and other technologies to the comprehensive and full cycle fine monitoring and automatic management of large-scale power distribution station building, and finding the operation status and energy consumption breakdown data of power distribution station building equipment in a meticulous manner, so as to help users find direct and indirect energy consumption hotspots, Predict potential safety hazards of equipment, reduce equipment consumption and labor consumption, and then systematically help users achieve the core goal of safety, low consumption and low carbon emission reduction.

Scheme Architecture

ROLINKPOWER ™’s overall solution of intelligent power distribution station building of intelligent power system is divided into three layers: cloud, edge equipment and terminal intelligent equipment, as shown in the figure below.

The solution deeply integrates intelligent primary power distribution equipment with data platform, and integrates intelligent high-voltage switchgear, intelligent transformer, intelligent capacitor compensation switchgear and intelligent low-voltage switchgear. Through operation data monitoring, operation fault early warning, electrical fire early warning, environmental monitoring, intelligent operation and maintenance multi-dimensional early warning and monitoring functions and station building power equipment linkage control functions, ensure the safe operation of electric equipment, achieve distributed remote management of the distribution station building, reduce personnel input, accurately and timely find equipment hidden dangers, reduce losses, at the same time find energy hot spots, reduce energy consumption, In order to achieve the goal of systematically improving efficiency, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Scheme function division and placement

Intelligent power cloud platform
Internet of Things Centralized control panel of power distribution station
Intelligent high-voltage switchgear
Intelligent transformer
Intelligent low-voltage switchgear
Intelligent capacitance compensation switchgear
Environmental monitoring and video monitoring equipment

Scheme Configuration List

No. Equipment Type Equipment Name Equipment Model
1 Intelligent high-voltage switchgear (middle placed) Integrated Protection Device LY-P200
Intelligent Control LY-SD20
Partial Discharge Monitoring Device LY-MD500
Multifunctional Instrument Optional According to Real Requirement
Wireless Temperature Measuring Device LY401
2 Intelligent high-voltage switchgear (ring network switchgear) Wireless Measurement and Control Terminal ICS-X100
Integrated Protection Device ICS-A100
Partial Discharge Monitoring Device LY-MD500
Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Monitoring LY-ZWSK
Wireless Temperature Measuring Device LY401
3 Intelligent Transformer Intelligent Transformer Controller Optional According to Real Requirement
Transformer Noise Sensor LY-ZS01
4 Intelligent low-voltage switchgear(frame) Intelligent Frame Circuit Breaker CKW65
Multifunctional Instrument Optional According to Real Requirement
Wireless Temperature Measuring Device
5 Intelligent low-voltage switchgear(plastic case) Intelligent plastic case circuit breaker CKM68
Guide rail multi-function instrument Optional according to Real Requirement
6 Internet of Things centralized control switchgear in power distribution room Standard Monitoring Switchgear 800*600*2200 (mm)
Intelligent Gateway CMU-A5000
Hardware Video Recorder NVR DS-7708N-K4
Exchanger Optional according to Real Requirement
Monitor Optional according to Real Requirement
Power Management System Optional according to Real Requirement
7 Environmental Monitoring Terminal Temperature and Humidity Sensor LY-WK01
Water Immersion Sensor LY-SJ01
Smoke Sensor LY-YW01
SF6 Gas Sensor LY-SF601
Ozone Sensor LY-CY01
Air Quality Sensor LY-KQZL01
Infrared Sensor LY-HW01
Wind Machine Linkage Device LY-FJ01
Light Linkage Device LY-DG01
Pump Linkage Device LY-SB01
Air Conditioner Linkage Device LY-KT01
8 Video Monitoring Terminal Ball Camera iDS-2DC4223IWQJ
Gun Camera DS-2CD2T26EWDQA-L
Patrol Robot Optional According to Real Requirement

Advantage of the system


Unattended, automatic monitoring

Real time data monitoring, robot independent inspection, video monitoring and auxiliary dynamic ring system solve the problem of power distribution system operation and maintenance, save manpower and ensure personnel safety.


Self-alarm, hierarchical push

The equipment information is collected independently and reported actively, and the system conducts intelligent research and judgment. The equipment early warning, alarm and fault information are handled according to levels and authorities.


Precise monitoring and intelligent analysis

Integrate the comprehensive data such as the detection information of high and low voltage equipment and auxiliary control system in the power distribution system, the expert system makes independent research and judgment, and pushes the abnormal problems hierarchically.


Flexible setting and closed loop management

The electrical preventive test shall be carried out periodically by issuing patrol inspection, defect elimination tasks and on-site patrol inspection. Realize the full link closed-loop of "intelligent perception - event linkage - cooperative operation and maintenance - source tracing analysis".

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